Available on both Web Console and Android Mobile Application

Why Gate Guardian

To bring you Peace and Protection at every step

Gate Guardian is designed to enhance the security of the entry and exit points of your premises. Built with advanced technology,Gate Guardian provides maximum security and yet is easy to use even by the security guards.

Gate Guardian is very affordably priced. The system can be deployed easily and can be operational in a few days.

Automated Visitor Management

Our Automated Visitor Management will help you to keep an eye on your visitors all day, every day with our Automated Visitor Management System.
For the most safe and secure premises.

Tablet Based Gate Management

Details of visitors, staff, vehicles entering the complex
gets captured through an App at your Security Gate.

Integrates with Security Equipment

Bring together data and systems working in Silos
and get meaningful actionable insights

Community Driven Security

Residents along with Security Guards
becomes your eyes and ears towards ensuring security

Instant Visitor Notifications

School Staff or Residents,
Gets Instant Notification On Visitors.

Security Or Health Emergency Alarm

Can Call For Immediate Help
During Emergencies.

Staff ID Cards

Secure Access To Complex, Clubhouse
To Only Verified Residents.

Automatic Reports/Alerts

Optimise, Enhance Security
Through Alerts, Actionable Reports.

Staff Attendance

Foolproof Staff
Attendance Management

Mobile Intercom

Authorise Gated Community
Visitors Directly Through App.

Capture Photos of Visitor

Add Extra Level Of Security
By Capturing Photo Of Visitors.

Automated Visitor Management

Easy to Enter Visitors,
Manage Queues, Monitor Overstay.

Visitor & Staff Authentication

Verify Contact Details of Visitors.
Only Verified Visitors & Staff Gets Entry.

Visitor Priority Pass

Make Your Guests Feel Special
by Pre Authorising their Entry.

Parking Management

App Based Automated Parking
& Vehicle Access Management.

Instant Visitor ID Print

Register your Visitor prior to the
arrival Authorising his / her Entry.