Ease of Use

Ease of Use

We are a digital community and the lead is taken by our guardians!!

The success of our GATE GUARDIAN APP is that the guardian (Guard) of the society adapts to the system in a matter of few days.

  • Simple to use software
  • Is able to see value in comparison to the manual work done on registers
  • Adopts the product more enthusiastically
  • Simple form to key in details mostly through drop downs

Security Guardians of our Gates

  • Surprised !! - The guards adapt beautifully to this simple to use visitor management system
  • Happily aware of the time it saves them than the manual entries and verifications
  • Ability to stop impostors trying to enter posing as a resident/owner; or friend/relative to resident/owner
  • Ability to verify contact details of visitors, capture their photos, monitor their overstay
  • Ability to stop blacklisted staff from entering
  • Bye Bye to queues at security gate
  • Able to through advances search find out any details in under a minute of the previous reporting
  • Easy to Manage for the Staff for reporting
  • Simple clear reporting on the visitor and the staff
  • Available through the calendar through an easy selection of days
  • Can be searched through car number, ID number etc
  • Wrong Parking etc can also be tracked through this
  • All possible history is always available on the system