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Sourav Mukerjee

With 18 years of IT/Marketing experience in International Health Care, QSR Industry and a Cost Accounting background, Sourav is our Ops & Partner Negotiations leader.

Manish Gupta

With 19 years of Web & Enterprise Software Solutions Experience, Manish leads the technology team. Manish brings both Process and Creativity to Product Development.

Shobhna Arora

With over 8 years of Corporate Sales experience with HSBC, Shobhna is our Passionate and Dynamic Sales Leader with great People Skills and a record of transforming sales culture.

Our Directors

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Amit Bose

"Strategy, Marketing, Innovation Guru"
With 39 years Global Business Experience in FMCG, Mobile and Digital Marketing Strategy. Amit, a visionary leader and motivator provides the team with Strategy, Marketing and Innovation Skills.

Rajiv Kumar

"Mobile and Social Tech Pioneer"
With 31 years of Technology and Business experience in Wireless and Social Networking. His firm WIDCOM developed the Bluetooth Standards and his Social firm Rocketalk achieved 27M users


Our Advisors

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Ashwani Gupta

Nidhi Anchal

Gaurav Arora

Deepak Miglani