App Scope: Schools

Letter to the Schools Administrators

The events of last few days have been quite distressing for us as parents and surely for you as School administrators. As parents it goes without saying that these are extremely unfortunate events which bring about great fear and worry among us all. While most of us realize that such tragic events can’t be completely eliminated, a few important steps can be taken to vastly minimize the risks of such events getting repeated.

The Education Ministry has mandated the use of technology for monitoring and managing visitors to the School by enhancing security at all entry and exit points of the School.

Salient Features

  • Online Visitor Management System.
  • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet access.
  • High Security of Data and Information.
  • Online Visitor authentication through OTP. Ensures validation of a new number.
  • Provision to issue Gate Passes.
  • Staff/Reception/Concerned Department receives notification for the attending visitor.
  • Single visitor entry can be approved and declined by the authorised department/staff.
  • Online Biometric Scan of all staff thereby eliminating unauthorized entries.
  • Block Visitor feature.
  • Pre-approval feature.
  • Lock feature for when the school is closed.
  • Provision for Police Verification through direct third party integration.
  • Line Attendance Tracker for all staff.
  • All Data presented on  an easy to use Dashboard.
  • Live Tracker for real time tracking of Visitors.
  • Storage and archive of visitor records for review in the future.

High Level

Instant and Easy

No Unauthorized
Visitors at
any time

True Caller
Identification for
all School Visitors

Multiple Report generation
of Visitor and staff

Visitor Tracker on
the Dashboard
with archives

Police Verification
for the
lower staff

Lock feature
for when the school
is closed


We understand the urgent need of enhancing security in the School and this product can be set up easily and quickly.

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