Security and Reliability Safeguards

Security and Reliability Safeguards

GATE GUARDIAN gives data security and information privacy the utmost importance. Following are the measures that are taken towards the same.


All the pages are 512-bit SSL encrypted (SHA-512 with RSA Encryption). This ensures that the username password, or any post that that is made on GATEGUARDIAN cannot be eavesdropped.

User Credentials

Passwords are one-way encrypted using MD5 encryption. If a user forgets his password, a temporary password is generated and sent by email to the user. Upon logging in the user has to change the password.

Sensitive information like email, mobile number, first name, last name etc. are encrypted and stored in the database. Only upon application requests for populating reports, screens etc. the information is de-encrypted.

Data Access Procedure

Strict guidelines are in place when it comes to accessing user data. Only for a support request the user information can be retrieved by SocietyConnect Support Staff and any such access is logged. All our employees under go orientation for Data Security & Privacy, and also have to sign Non Disclosure Agreement.

For most Support requirements, the use of remote screen sharing is used as much as possible.

Penetration Tests

Automated penetration tests are run on the server periodically to uncover any vulnerability in the portal.


A parallel Server Mirror (Slave) is maintained, which keeps all the data in sync. In the unlikely event of the server crashing the Slave takes over and becomes the master. This ensures that there is no loss of Data. In addition to the Master-Slave architecture, the Database is backed up every 5 minutes and data can be restored to the last 5 minute snapshot.

Terms of Service

We abide by our terms of service, published on our site - which states without any ambiguity "We do not sell, rent or otherwise make available your email address, phone number, address or any other personal information to any third-party for reason whatsoever"

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